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A surrogacy arrangement is when an alternative person carries out a pregnancy for intended parents. Surrogacy arrangements and third party reproductive law offer ways for people to create and expand their families.

Surrogacy law in Canada

In Canada, surrogacy is a legal way for people to build a family who have had difficulties having children on their own. While the concept of surrogacy has been around for a long time, the legislation in Canada governing these processes is relatively new.

Surrogacy in Canada, is governed by the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, which is federal legislation. Surrogacy, egg donation and sperm donation are also referenced in the Family Law Act of Alberta.

Reproductive law in Canada can be complicated and confusing. Potential penalties for not complying with the law around human reproduction can be harsh.

If you are entering into an arrangement with a third party to help build your family, it is crucial that you consult with a fertility lawyer to ensure you are following requirements within the law.

Canadian surrogacy and fertility lawyer

With expertise in fertility and surrogacy law in Canada, we have helped many intended parents, surrogates, egg and sperm donors navigate the legal process quickly and efficiently.

We can assist:

  • Prepare surrogacy contracts, egg donor contracts and sperm donor contracts;
  • Offer independent legal advice on surrogacy and egg donor and sperm donor contracts;
  • Prepare parentage declarations and adoptions.

Helping all intended parents

As an inclusive law firm, we help with intended parents of all types of families realize their dream of building their own families through assisted human reproduction.

Our clients include:

  • Heterosexual couples
  • LGBTQ couples
  • Single parents.

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Alex MacNab is a lawyer with expertise in third party reproductive law in Canada. He has helped many intended parents, surrogates, egg and sperm donors navigate the legal process quickly, efficiently and with a caring approach.

Alex brings both personal and professional experience as a dad and lawyer who is personally involved in the surrogacy process to help build his family.

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