Child Support


Child support refers to how parents financially support their children after separation. Many of the numerous rules are set out in the Child Support Guidelines which can be complex.


Typically, child support is a two-step process: first, determine a monthly payment owed by one parent to the other; second, determine specific child-related special expenses that will be shared between the parents in some fashion.


The monthly child support payment is calculated from the parents’ incomes and is often revised annually when new income information is available. Determining income for child support purposes can be tricky and is not as simple as referring to one’s pay stub or income tax return. At times income will be assigned to a person for support calculation purposes even if they are not actually earning it.


The monthly payment will differ depending on whether parenting time is roughly equal or the children reside primarily with one parent.


There is no substitute for a thorough review with your lawyer as each case is different and the rules are complex.




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