Litigation is just a fancy word for taking legal differences to court and following the court rules and processes. At Moe Hannah LLP we treat court as a last resort for a number of reasons including:


  • It is based on an adversarial model which can do lasting damage to families, especially where children are concerned;
  • It can be the most expensive form of dispute resolution due to the substantial number of rules and red tape;
  • All documents filed in Court (Affidavits, Applications, Orders, etc) are public documents and are available to anyone upon request;
  • It is usually a public process, that is, when your case is being heard in court the members of the public have the right to attend in the gallery;
  • Sometimes hearings can take up to a year or more to schedule once you are ready to proceed; and
  • You will likely not have a judge assigned who has significant experience in family law matters.


However, there are circumstances in which litigation is the only or the best available option. In these cases we will usually assign or bring in one of our several lawyers with significant litigation experience to advocate for our clients’ interests and needs. We take litigation very seriously and understand both the costs and advantages.



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