Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial negotiating process, usually characterized by a series of meetings between the parties and their lawyers (and sometimes outside professionals for support and assistance), with a commitment to the following:


  • Negotiating the dissolution of your marriage in an atmosphere of honesty, co-operation, integrity and professionalism geared toward your future well-being and the well-being of your family;
  • Giving full, honest and open disclosure of all relevant information, whether requested or not;
  • Protecting the privacy, respect and dignity of all involved;
  • Maintaining a high standard of integrity and specifically will not take advantage of your spouse, and will not take advantage of the miscalculations or inadvertent mistakes of others, and
  • No contested court applications.


A Registered Collaborative Family Law Lawyer has special training in the Harvard Model of Interest Based Negotiation Theory (based on the Win-Win Paradigm set out in “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury). They also have a minimum of 40 hours of Family Mediation Training.

For more information about this option speak to your lawyer as many at Moe Hannah are formally trained in this approach.



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