Rates & Billing

Learn about our fees.

No one wants their separation or divorce to financially devastate their family or pay more legal fees than necessary. At Moe Hannah, it is our goal to resolve family disputes in a cost efficient way. 

Moe Hannah family lawyers, like almost all family lawyers, charge clients at an hourly rate (usually in increments of a tenth of an hour) or by blocks of work (e.g., a divorce, a separation agreement, a court application, a consult).   Hourly rates depend on various factors but most commonly on the lawyer’s years of practice and experience. Moe Hannah lawyers understand what it feels like to have to trust that the person they are paying is not overbilling or charging for unnecessary work.  

Our hourly rates range from: $375 – 750/hour + GST


Please note that we do not offer free legal consultations or take on Legal Aid cases. Contact Legal Aid to explore their service by visiting Legal Aid Alberta’s website or call 1-866-845-3425.