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Can an Early Case Assessment Save Me Legal Fees?

Information and advice at the beginning of any relationship breakdown is critical to minimizing legal fees long term. Early information keeps you in control of the process through separation and helps you make informed decisions that work for you and your family. Getting  information upfront and understanding your legal options is important as you negotiate and resolve matters through mediation, collaborative law or litigation.


An intake and an assessment is a chance for your lawyer to provide advice on family law including property and support. Your lawyer will provide advice about what you can be reasonably expect throughout the process.


During an initial assessment, the lawyer will work with you to help understand what the nature of the conflict is about. Specifically, what are the problems that need to be resolved? What is the law as it relates to your issues? Your lawyer will use the information gathered in an assessment to begin to put together the strategy to get these problems solved.


In a case assessment lawyers will use their knowledge and experience to assist the client in thinking through options for resolution that may be wider than those remedies available in court through litigation. For example, a spouse’s pensions may be valued higher for matrimonial purposes than a statement of entitlements shows on a monthly pension statement. Another example is that a lump sum spousal support payment maybe available in a mediated or collaborative law process but may not be ordered by a court. It is difficult for you to assess if you are getting a good result without professional legal advice upfront as information is key to an equitable resolution.


To be effective in the case assessment it is recommended you create a list of your top 10 questions you want answered and make sure they are answered by the end of the consult.



If you require more information about a case assessment or wish to book a case assessment with our firm please contact us directly.



Brad Mustard

Family Lawyer

Mediator/ Arbitrator